Strategic Telecom Solutions

Strategic Telecom Solutions (STS) was founded in 2004 as a company that bridges the gap between technological innovation and the very human need for wireless solutions that help companies achieve their specific objectives. We configure custom solutions to each client’s unique specifications, eliminating the headaches, costs and complexities associated with wireless and mobile installations which results in a seamless integration deployed with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Making fleet management work for you

For over a decade, Geotab has been a proven industry leader in the area of GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking, also known as telematics. Through our depth of technological knowledge and customer experience across a wide spectrum of business and industry, we’ve learned to connect the dots between what fleet managers need and provide them with real-time tools and intelligence to improve their bottom line.

Geotab Learning Center: MyGeotab Portal

Get a complete overview of the MyGeotab portal. Learn how to setup and customize your portal to fit your fleet management requirements.
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